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9 Best Low Cost Gift Ideas for a New Mum

There is no denying that having a new baby enter the world is an extremely exciting time for everyone involved. And buying teeny, tiny baby gifts is just the best! But what about spoiling the one person that does the hardest job of all by keeping baby safe in her tummy for 9 months. We think new mums deserve a thoughtful gift too which does not have to cost the earth.

Here are some of our favourite ideas:


One of the best gifts you can give new parents are meals, especially in the beginning stages as they navigate their new life with an extra human in it. The last thing they will feel like doing is cooking! Here are a few options when it comes to gifting meals:

Cook and Freeze: buy all the ingredients and precook hearty home meals which the baby’s parents can freeze. Might be a good idea to check that the new parents have a sizeable freezer first.

    Meal Kit subscription: sign the new parents up to a meal kit company for a few weeks, for example, HelloFresh. The meals are quick and easy offering step by step recipes ensuring fuss-free dinners. We could not think of anything better!

      Family/ Friends rota: plan and organise a rota amongst family and friends of the new parents for each of them to provide a meal a day for the first two weeks. This way you can also visit and meet the new baby at a convenient time.

        Top Tip: always make sure the new parents are ready to receive visitors before you arrange meals.


        As new parents, time is no longer your own. Perhaps hubby has returned to work post paternity leave and now mum is home managing everything on her own. It can be overwhelming at first.  

        Family/ Friend roster: Another idea like the meal ideas above, is to organise a roster of family and friends to visit over the first few weeks to help ease the anxiety.

        Babysitting: Offer to watch the baby while mum has a nap, takes a shower, or runs a quick errand during the day. Or if they have older children, offer to take them out for a few hours to give mum a much-needed break.

        Babysitting vouchers are also a big win for when the new parents are comfortable and ready to venture out on a date night.

        Reassurance: Sometimes all that is required is a good listener in this period full of challenges for the new mum. Make her a cup of tea and ensure she has time to relax. A mum cannot look after her new-born properly if she is not feeling 100% herself.

          A Clean House:

          With the arrival of a new baby comes a whole lot of extra chores. And let us be honest, the baby’s needs far outweighs the dirty kitchen.

          Cleaning/ ironing service: a voucher for a local cleaning or ironing service to use when the new parents are ready.

            Subscription to Streaming or Audiobooks:

            A new mum will be spending loads of time on the couch snuggling and feeding baby in the earlier weeks. This can become tedious after some time. A subscription to a streaming channel or audiobooks can make that time seem a little more productive. Put together a list of some of your favourite movies, series, or audiobooks to help with her selection process.

            Streaming: while Netflix is the most common streaming channel there is also Stan, Disney+ and Amazon Prime to consider.

            Audiobooks: Audible and Booktopia are two options that will cover her interests.

              Baby Carrier:

              A baby carrier is a game changer! This is something both parents can use right from newborn stage.

              To be able to keep baby close to you and still have two free hands gives you so much freedom to get the basic tasks done like simply making a cup of tea. Baby wearing has many benefits, for example, it strengthens the bond between parent and baby, maintaining closeness, vital during the 4th trimester. And carried babies are generally calmer due to their primal/ survival needs being met. The sooner new parents introduce baby to a baby carrier the smoother the adaptation to baby wearing.

              A baby carrier that is both comfortable and easy to use are key features to look out for when searching for a baby carrier.

              View our current range of baby carriers here.

              Clothing Voucher:

              When it comes to clothing, a new mum will more than likely require an interim wardrobe. She has been wearing maternity clothes for the last nine months and is probably sick of them. Her old clothes may not fit right now but she is going to need something comfortable to wear as her body changes. Give her a clothing voucher from her favourite store (where she can also shop online) with strict instructions that it needs to be spent on her and not be baby related.

              Hospital Survival Kit:

              Make new mum’s life easier with a thoughtful hospital survival kit that could include mum essentials like nipple cream, maternity pads, breast pads, Bio-oil, chocolates, a small bottle of bubbly, natural bath salts, hand cream and lip gloss.

              Nursing Pyjamas:

              For at least the first month a new mum basically lives in comfy sweats or nursing pyjamas. A pretty pair of comfy pyjamas that are loose fitting, stylish, and breathable can make her feel special.

              Portable Change Station:

              Having all your baby’s basic changing items close to you in a portable solution is a great gift option. One that you can move with you as you move through the house from your living room to your own bedroom. This means that you can change baby where you are, on the couch or on your bed. It can include a change mat, nappies, wipes, bum cream, and all carried in a change nappy caddy that is easy to carry or push around.

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